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23 August 2014 @ 02:18 am
[sticky post] friends only  


Intro posts are always a bit awkward so just bear with me! Let's start with the basics: my name is Alex, I'm 22, and I live in the UK. I'm between productive activities at the moment, but in a few weeks I'll be embarking on a Masters degree in Library and Information Management.

I'm introverted, indecisive and spectactularly good at procrastination. I tend to worry about everything a lot, and when I do that I get pretty wrapped up in my own head. So I'm hoping that this journal will help me to stop doing that.

I love to write and read, but there won't be a lot of that on here as I have different journals for that - one private for brainstorming, and one public for posting my writing and book reviews. I may post a little about it here and there though, who knows? I'll also be posting probably quite a bit about my Masters course and dissertation and work placement, and interspersed with all that real life stuff will be a few rambly thoughts about various fandoms.

Speaking of fandoms, mine tend to change like the weather. I tend to just perch on the periphery and call that 'joining the fandom', but they're all always there in the back of my mind. I never really abandon any fandom...just lie dormant for a while until the sleeping dragon is tickled once again.

I'm not exactly new to LJ. I kept my previous journal for about five years, but I'm coming back now after some 18 months of being away and EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. Hopefully for the better, but we'll soon see, I suppose!

I shall leave this here for now. If you'd like to be friends, please comment here when you add me! If I think we would get along, I'll add you back. Feel free to shoot me any questions here as well, if there's anything you'd like to know about me before we add each other.