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29 May 2015 @ 12:40 am
005; a little of this and a sprinkle of that  

Another post from my tablet. I'm a little more used to the keyboard now, and I have a case so I can stand it at a good angle for typing. I haven't done an awful lot of writing on it yet, though. Mostly I seem to use it to watch YouTube videos. Which is not the reason I bought it and definitely not productive, but there you go. That's just me all over. Unproductive. The case I have is a very cheap pink one - to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the colour. When I ordered it from Amazon, I thought it would be a really bold magenta colour, but it's more like travel sickness tablet pink. I think I'll probably just use this one temporarily and then look into getting one of the rooCase Origami ones. But for now, this one is doing the job.

I did promise in my last post that I'd talk about Agents of SHIELD and Age of Ultron, so I may as well do that now, before I forget everything about both of them.

Agents of SHIELD: A very enjoyable end to the series, I thought. I'm so glad Mack is staying on - he's one of my favourites, and not just because I ship him hard with Fitz. Although I do ship him hard with Fitz. To be honest, the FitzSimmons bit of the finale was disappointing on two levels; firstly because I was so sure for a while that they were building something up with Fitz and Mack, but after Mack got back from being possessed they seemed to lay off that and I became less and less sure as the season went on And secondly, because I feel like FitzSimmons, while cute, is very predictable. When Simmons didn't return Fitz's feelings, I was so pleasantly surprised that they weren't writing her as someone who would come around eventually because Fitz deserves it. But now it kind of feels like that's exactly what they've done. Still, with Simmons gone missing, there's still room for them to move away from that predictableness, so I hope they do.

I'm kind of intrigued about what's happened to Simmons, but to be perfectly honest, I'm in a place right now where if I'm not watching the show, I find it hard to be invested. It's a definite move away from when I was first getting into fandom properly, and I was obsessed with SuperWhoLock and going through that rather embarrassing fangirl phase. But I guess it's just maturing. I miss it, in a way, but I'm also glad because these days, TV and Tumblr don't rule my life the way they used to.

As for Age of Ultron:Overall, I thought it was a fun movie, but I definitely had a couple of issues with it. Bruce/Natasha, for one. It's not that I'm against the ship itself - I don't really have any strong feelings about it either way - but in AOU it completely lacked any kind of build up. They should have definitely built it up over another movie. But we just got thrown straight in at a point where Natasha already knows exactly how to bring the Hulk down, and it makes no sense. Other than that, Thor's little bit in the cave pool with Selvig wasn't explained at all. But overall, as I say, it was fun and enjoyable to watch, despite its flaws. I liked Wanda Maximoff and Vision, too. But I'm kind of confused about where the ending leaves the Avengers. Are we losing Iron Man completely and replacing him with War Machine? And likewise with the other characters? Or are we just going to have a massive pool of characters that will dip in and out, so sometimes we'll have Tony and other times we'll have Rhodey?

I kind of hope it's the latter. Even if most of the focus is on the newer Avengers, I don't want to completely say goodbye to the old ones. I will definitely understand if they take a back seat, though, considering most of them have had at least two movies to tell their own stories. I really wish we could get a Mark Ruffalo Hulk movie before that happens, though. But it seems not to be in the cards any time soon, sadly.

Moving on from the MCU, I also watched Kingsmana couple of days ago. It was a very unusual situation, because I specifically sought out this movie to sit down and watch it, which I literally never do. Even when I sought out Cap 2, I didn't watch it so much as have it on in the background while I did other things. But with Kingsman, I wanted to watch it and pay full attention to it. I have no idea why I chose to do that with Kingsman specifically - it can't just be because I had heard good things about it, because I've heard good things about a lot of movies and I'm not fussed about seeking them out.

But anyway, weirdness aside, I'm so glad I watched it! The good things I've heard about it are completely justified - it was so much fun to watch, the characters were really good, the plot just never stopped and Galahad's death was weirdly like Kelsier's death in Mistborn - that same kind of "he can't be dead, he's going to make a surprise return, right?" kind of feeling. And they've apparently confirmed a sequel, yay! Who knows if I'll still be interested by the time they make it, but for now, I'm very happy with that news!

Aaaand the same thing happened tonight, with me seeking out a movie to specifically sit down and pay attention to. This one was Into The Woods.But I think this situation was less weird, because I've been wanting to watch Into The Woods for absolutely ages, since before they made the movie, and I just never got around to it. I'd listened to the soundtrack a couple of times but I don't think anything on it intrigued me enough to want to seek out the visual context for it, so I just never did. Until tonight.

And to be honest, I think that pretty much sums up my feelings about the movie in general. It was enjoyable to watch but I don't really understand the hype over it. Apparently the movie, particularly the second half, didn't do any justice to the play, and I can definitely believe that. Maybe sometime I'll seek out a version of the play to watch and maybe I'll understand the hype then. But for now, I'd rate it as "enjoyable enough but there are many musicals I would rather watch before it".

I've been reading a lot more lately, a side effect of not watching so much TV. I'm way behind on my 50 book challenge, though, largely because it took me over a month to get through The Well of Ascension. Partly because I wasn't much feeling it for a while, and partly because I basically stopped reading for almost all of April because of all those deadlines I had. I'm doubtful that I'll be able to catch up with my 50 book challenge but I'm going to keep at it. Maybe now I have my tablet I can read a couple of graphic novels - they might be easier to get through. I might also try some poetry. Possibly Richard Siken? He seems like he might be a good place to start for someone who doesn't know much about poetry.

But currently I'm reading Birdy by William Wharton. I'm enjoying it for the most part. I find that the chapters from Birdy's POV drag a lot of the time, though. I guess it's because I'm not really interested in learning about the lives of these canaries. I understand what it's there for - to show Birdy's building obsession with the canaries - but I just don't find it all that interesting to read. I'd rather they were shorter, or we got to see Birdy's POV of all the things he and Al get up to. But then I think that might defeat the point, if we knew what Birdy was thinking and feeling in those moments. I don't know, I'm liking Al's chapters and the book as a whole, I just feel it goes too in depth about the birds. The best bits by far are the "present day" bits, with Al trying to get through to Birdy. I'm just over halfway through it at the moment, so I'm looking forward to seeing what's to come.

As far as writing goes, I haven't really been doing a lot. I have my demon hunting government department idea and I also have the Alphame idea, which is starting to change yet again. I think I want to focus mostly on the demons one, get that written first and foremost, because I think it'll be easier and much less complicated to work out. But I also want to stay active on the Alphame one. In fact, I'm going to go over to my writing Dreamwidth blog, if I can find an app that will let me post to Dreamwidth, and ramble about some plotty and character ideas for it now.

June is nearly upon us, and I've just found a Tumblr that does monthly journaling challenges. The one for June looks pretty interesting, so I'm going to try to do that in my handwritten journal starting on June 1st. I use that journal far too sporadically, and I'd like to use it more. In truth,  I'm still figuring out what to use all these journals for. Tumblr is for Tumblr, obviously. But I think I might make this one very much like this post - summing up fandom thoughts that wouldn't really fit on Tumblr. I'll probably use it to record my thoughts on books a lot as well, since I want to start book blogging properly, beyond the one review I have already. I think I'll use my paper journal for journaling challenges, which might turn into something like freewriting. And my Dreamwidth account, I'll continue to use for various writing things. I might also start using my writing progress journal again, but I've decided that I want to keep all my rambly brainstorming in one place (Dreamwidth), so I'll have to be careful it doesn't turn into just a handwritten version of my DW. Argh, so many journals!

I've decided I'm not really that much interested in documenting my daily life. But if I do choose to do that for some reason, it'll probably be here. Speaking of which, actually, I suppose I ought to note down at least a little something about my placement:

I'm working at Manchester Central Library, creating an e-learning package for library staff about the e-lending services. I'm only in one day a week, and I'm really enjoying the time I spend there. The people are all really lovely and welcoming, and the office is a really nice, quiet place to work. I even have my own lanyard now, so it's all very official! I have one complaint though - the computers there are old as balls. They use Windows XP! And creating a good looking PowerPoint in MS Office 2002 is not easy, I've discovered. So I think I'm definitely going to have to do some design work at home and hope it translates well to software from 13 years ago. But other than IT stuff, I'm enjoying it. It won't take my 16 weeks to create (I've now done 3 weeks and I'll probably be finished in the next one or two), so I'm curious as to what else they'll get me to do. I'm down for pretty much anything, to be honest. I just want work experience, and work experience in a library related field is even better. Maybe if I do well enough they'll offer me a job. Well. A girl can dream!

Anyway, I'm going to go and find out if I can post to Dreamwidth on this thing so I can do some rambling about Alphame and Indigo! Ooh,  you know how Marvel gives its movies codenames during production? Maybe I should do that with my WIPs. Indigo is a good'un, I think. Alphame is not so good, I'll have to think up a better name for that. Innocent is alright, probably, but maybe if I'm going with codenames I should just go the whole hog. I dunno. It's just because I'm crap at titles, really.